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About Us

Wouldn’t you agree that grandparents are unquestionably the wisest people on the planet? They always seem to know exactly what to say to make us feel better by the use of their wisdom – they truly appear to comprehend the purpose of life.

They are not, however, born wise. Wisdom is gained through a lifetime of experience; making mistakes and learning from them, saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment, and eventually realising what matters most to them.

Consider the things your grandparents used to tell you. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” “The pen is mightier than the sword.” “Be patient, better things are coming.” Back then, we thought, “Sure, easy for you to say!” However, as grownups we finally realise just how much wisdom our grandparents managed to squeeze into these tiny tidbits of advice and, if we have been wise we have used that wisdom to shape our lives.

My Nana Mac was the wisest of most grandparents, but then again, I am biased, and I am sure many others would agree. My Nana Mac had a tough life, living on the docks, as the wife of a trawlerman who spent the majority of his time at sea. She pretty much brought up her family of four children on her own and a shoestring.

She always had a saying for every situation. She was teaching me to be a better person with all her quirky sayings like ‘money isn’t everything’, ‘a firm tree does not fear the storm’, and ‘fall down seven times and get up eight’. I would ask her what she meant when she come out with one of her ‘quotes’, and she would look me in the eyes and respond with another; ‘interpretation is independent thinking – now you decide what they mean’. I thought she was a little eccentric, but her words have stuck with me throughout my life. I learnt so much about the value of life from my Nana Mac without even realising it until I was well into my adulthood.

That is why I want to share wisdom with you through some incredible coaches that work with ‘Nana Mac,’ all of whom are committed to helping individuals and businesses on their development journeys.

The coaches I have chosen to work with have received Nana Mac’s seal of approval. They were chosen because they offer something unique, often unconventional, and have a breadth of knowledge and experience. I don’t believe people can teach or coach others through academia alone. Academic training is a structure, but without substance or filling, that structure is merely an empty shell. Just like my Nana Mac our coaches have lived life, they have a wide breadth of experience and knowledge and are passionate about coaching.

‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, but I believe everyone can learn.

A Bit About Me

Dawn is an international development expert with over 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry (television and radio); This includes Managing Director, Commercial Director and Broadcast Development Director roles at local, national and international television channels. She is a thought leader and expert speaker in the global broadcast industry.

As Managing Director of Global Strategy at Pact, the trade association representing more than 700 UK production companies.  She played a key role in the development of the UK independent TV sector, and has negotiated industry partner trade deals, advised the government and help shapes frameworks for official UK trade agreements.

She works closely with government departments DIT, DCMS, overseas Embassies and FCO’s to identify opportunities and strategies for dealing with trade barriers.  She has helped negotiate co-production treaties, introduced Chinese/UK legal templates. The work she has contributed to the UK was recognised in the 2017 Queens Honours List when she became a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to exports in TV and creative industries.

Key highlights:

  • Led the campaign to legalise TV product placement which triggered £500m plus spend
  • Led the campaign to increase BBC out of London spend – resulted in an increase of £60m spend in nations and regions
  • Negotiated with DCMS and the Chinese government to introduce the second only China co-production treaty with the UK.
  • Led various overseas activities, negotiated MOUs and trade agreements recording more than £600m revenues achieved by UK independent sector.
  • Created and launched the ‘Global Creative Alliance’ connecting 22 countries to drive co-production
  • Created and launched the ‘Pact Growth Accelerator’ supporting over 1200 production company execs in business and production development, connecting them to over 800 global commissioner/buyers
  • Launched the first-ever virtual trade show – hosting 350 UK production companies and used in 68 countries.

She is at the heart of helping the TV industry to grow both domestically and internationally and recently launched the strategy ‘Start up to Global’, an extensive one-stop platform designed to help TV companies develop their own bespoke growth strategy.  The accelerator platform has been white-labelled and has already been rolled out across other creative industries; gaming, publishing, advertising etc and now forms a key part of the UK government’s creative industrial strategy.

Always looking for creative ways to help business growth she launched the Content Without Borders retreat, focused on maintaining trade with Europe during the BREXIT Flux.  It was a unique event that brought commissioners from 19 countries from around Europe to spend two days locked away in the British countryside with 90 British indies which generated more than £13m worth of Business.  Content Without Borders is now a regular formatted event hosting another 36 US networks to connect with 380 UK producers at the CWB 2020.

Dawn has created and developed the first industry education online platform, a 10-week module that will be embedded into media degrees.  The project has already attracted 100’s of UK production companies and broadcasters to support universities, provide training, take part in live TV seminars. The pilot is due to roll out in 2021 with several universities.

Dawn is an innovator and is often first to market. Prior to joining Pact, she launched the first short film channel in the UK, Propeller TV, on the Sky platform.  Then developed the TV brand as a franchise launching across seven European territories, developing centralised resources, commercial structure and shared content.

She was also one of the pioneers of local TV, with the launch of York TV.  York TV became a template for Ofcom to highlight how local TV should operate. During her reign as Managing Director, she launched York TV Training Academy.  Working in partnership with UK organisation CSV (Community Service Volunteers) and focused on disadvantaged groups.  The academy quickly became the largest CSV training academy in the UK, with more than 150 trainees benefitting from the programme.

She has contributed to the wider industry taking on a variety of non-exec and advisory boards over the past 15 years, Skillset, The Creative Industries Trade Board, Sponsor Alliance, UK Exports Council, and various advisory groups both government and non-government organisations as well as a mentor for a variety of disadvantaged groups.  She is a mentor for ‘Wonder Women’ 2021 and part of the ‘Northern Media Mentors’

Personal information

On a more personal level, Dawn, who lives in East Yorkshire, was born in Hull and comes from a socio-economic deprived and non-educated background, a teenage single mum who started her career as a fish factory packer.  She has always made time to ‘give back’ by acting as a mentor to underprivileged groups and individuals; non-educated, anti-social behaviour groups, and shares her story to inspire others.


  • 2004 Dawn became a bestselling published author
  • A regular feature columnist for an industry global magazine ‘Makers’
  • 2017 she was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2017 Queens Birthday Honours List
  • 2018 she was selected as one of the top 100 most inspirational and successful people across Yorkshire
  • 2019 she was selected for the Women of the Year

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