Corporate Training

Workshops and training for corporate businesses.

Public speaking

Public speaking and presentation skills are critical for business success in today’s corporate world. They enable us to control everything from a board meeting to a crowd of thousands and everything in between. Effective communication skills are commonly regarded as a main factor in an organisation’s growth. Consider any modern powerhouse corporation; there are always influential figures at the top who drive their success. Apple and Google are successful today not only because they build products, but also because they have excellent communicators. These leaders ignited consumer interest in items, assisted in their marketing, and guided their organisations to success.

Unfortunately, many novice speakers lack the fundamental skills necessary for effective communication and this can jeopardise their organisation’s growth potential. Consider a sales team that is unable to present effectively or a marketing organisation that is unable to generate excitement about a new product. These communication skills translate to tangible business outcomes.

Fortunately, with the correct training, anyone can master these skills and take control of the stage, and with Nana Mac, we can give you and your staff the resources and skills necessary to excel in every speaking situation.

Confidence Building

A team that has confidence is a successful team! Empower your employees to find their self-confidence, tap into their full potential, and enhance their chances of accomplishing goals more quickly.

Confidence is essentially a state of mind; many of us possess the necessary skills to do our jobs but lose our confidence along the way. As a confident person, you are far more likely to be happy, have better relationships, suffer less internal turmoil, have more energy, and accomplish your goals. Nana Mac offers Confidence Training Courses within our Corporate Training package, this is ideal for individuals or teams and will deliver extremely effective skills for controlling your nerves, increasing your self-confidence, and assisting you in beginning your road toward greater confidence.

How does Confidence Building Help? 

Confidence building helps develop your confidence as an individual or a team, take steps to overcome your nerves, reduce your self-doubt by cultivating a positive mental attitude as well as bring more focus to your life, improve your self-belief, and increase your self-confidence to help you reach your desired goals.

What do Confidence Building courses provide?

All confidence building courses can be tailored to your organisation, but most of our courses help you understand the following:

  • Where confidence and self-esteem come from.
  • How the mind can affect your confidence and how to manage it.
  • How to step out of your comfort zone.
  • The importance of body language and how to use it effectively.
  • How to envisage the outcome you want
  • Identify ways to build lasting inner confidence.
  • How to perform well under pressure.
  • How to look and feel more confident at work.
  • Bring more focus to your life.
  • How to find a healthy work-life balance.
  • Ways to feel more motivated and positive when you’re under pressure.

Keynote presentations

Our keynote presentation training courses are the most powerful, practical, and successful way to improve your corporate presentation skills. Regardless of your expertise level or sector, our knowledge and experience will significantly improve you and your employee’s capacity to convince, influence, and inspire.

Everyone who takes our keynote presentation courses will receive coaching on how to structure, build, and deliver powerful and professional keynote presentations, and each participant will have multiple opportunities to practise creating and delivering short ‘real-life’ business presentations.

The practical delivery components are supplemented by in-depth, personalised feedback and advice from our highly knowledgeable, and commercially experienced coaches.

Participants will significantly improve their ability to create more logical and engaging keynote presentations and learn how to deliver them with increased confidence, clarity, and impact, enabling them to engage and motivate any audience in the future.

Motivational speaking

If you’ve ever desired an interesting, engaging, and high-paying career that allows you to express yourself and make a positive difference in people’s lives, motivational speaking is for you!

Motivational speakers are in high demand in today’s society. If you’re interested in helping improve your motivational speaking career or would like to help your employees learn more about what comes with a motivational speaking job, our motivational speaking courses are for you!

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