Courses and Workshops

Keynote Speaking

Each participant in our keynote presentation classes will receive guidance on how to structure, produce, and deliver effective and professional keynote presentations, as well as numerous opportunities to practice producing and presenting keynote presentations.

The practical delivery components are supplemented by in-depth, personalised feedback and advice from our highly knowledgeable, and commercially experienced coaches.

Participants will dramatically enhance their ability to produce more logical and compelling keynote presentations and learn how to deliver them with greater confidence, clarity, and impact in the future, enabling them to engage and motivate any audience.

We offer businesses customised online training sessions to help them enhance their keynote presentation skills. All workshops are engaging and hands-on, as we learn best through practice!

Individuals participating in the course will get an understanding of their own speaking habits, how to maintain awareness of them, and how to incorporate new strategies. Attendees learn how to captivate an audience, overcome anxiety, deliver an effective presentation or pitch, and navigate challenging interactions by examining the mind, body, and voice.

Sessions are available in 30-minute, 1, 2 or 3-hour workshops. If you require a longer workshop, please get in touch.

Confidence building level 1

Our confidence Building level 2 course is comprised of a selection of units from a Level 1 Employability and Personal Development qualification. Our four-day Confidence Building Course covers topics such as stress management awareness, problem-solving, increasing personal confidence, assertive living, coping with change, and job preparation. Previous graduates of this course have gone on to pursue more education, volunteer work, and paid employment.

Confidence building level 2

Confidence is a necessary component of success. Everything requires a certain level of confidence, from meeting new acquaintances to securing the ideal employment. Whether you want to boost your confidence or help others boost theirs, this could be the distance learning course for you.

Our Confidence Building level 2 course is designed to instil a “can-do” mentality in participants. It begins by evaluating the underlying causes of poor self-esteem. As the course progresses, you will discover everything you need to know about confidence building.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to build confidence.
  • How to become motivated in a professional work environment.
  • How to state your thoughts and ideas with confidence.
  • How to avoid overthinking and over-planning, and instead become efficient.
  • How to set goals and achieve them despite obstacles in the way.
  • How to take complete control of your life, discover your dreams and realise them.