Body, Mind & Soul Rejuvenation

Body, Mind and Soul Rejuvenation  – Thailand


Reconnect with yourself and energise your mind, body and soul.  Sometimes life is tough, sometimes are lives are blown apart; losing a job, death of a loved one, divorce or separation.  And sometimes you just need to jump out of a rat race career and take stock.

Peace. Deep, unwavering inner peace. A state that we long for so much in today’s world.

Caught up in our everyday challenges and daily chores, conforming to the culture of rush, we have forgotten what it means to feel true calmness.

Studies show that chronic stress can cause various diseases and contributes to burnout, depression or constant fatigue.

There is no doubt that stress devours our lives, that’s why ignoring the accumulated tension in your body can have some very negative consequences.

We need ways to release stress and return to a state, in which we can live our life peacefully and in harmony with ourselves, so that even when operating in chaotic and jumpy conditions, we can still maintain mindfulness and develop unwavering internal silence.

During this retreat in Thailand you will:

  • Break free from the internal chaos and find a deep sense of harmony that will stay with you for years after completing the workshop,
  • Experience deep release through TRE (Trauma-Releasing Exercises) sessions and you will feel more comfortable in your body thanks to yoga and relaxation practice,
  • Under the guidance of an experienced coach, explore and understand your fears, doubts, needs and desires,
  • Learn the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction method and pick up regular meditation,
  • take a break from your everyday life, so that you can work on your emotions and beliefs in a safe space,
  • rest and recharge your batteries on the most beautiful beaches on the planet,
  • Experience the unique culture of Thailand in its whole authenticity, by trying local cuisine and learning about the local habits and rituals,
  • make good friends with people who think alike,
  • Learn simple methods of self work that you will be able to use on your own after completing the workshop,
  • Release stress, anxiety and tension held in your body and return to a natural lightness of being and inner peace.

Dates:    19th February 2022 – 26th February 2022 (7 nights)

Price:     £2,500 (residential – full board)

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